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Get a Dazzling Smile with Lenexa Teeth Whitening

woman wearing blue smilingGenetics, the aging process, the foods we eat, and personal habits like smoking can tarnish an otherwise attractive smile. Dr. James Craig offers options for teeth whitening to whisk away stubborn tooth stains and leave teeth dazzlingly white. Depending on the kinds of stains, Dr. Craig may recommend custom-made trays with bleaching solution or an in-office treatment to initiate the process and enhance the effects.

Hydrogen peroxide products have been used for years to lighten stains on tooth enamel. Today, many teeth-whitening systems rely on carbamide peroxide in gel form to lift stains. Dr. Craig will create custom-fitted mouth trays that you’ll line with the strong, safe gel. Wear your trays as directed, which in most cases is for an hour or two each night, over the course of two weeks. You may notice results after only a few treatments.

To keep your smile bright indefinitely, request teeth-whitening gel from our office and reuse your custom mouth trays. Home teeth whitening administered by a dentist is safe and effective. This simple and efficient method of enhancing your tooth shade can be combined with an in-office treatment for faster results.

A better, brighter look is within your reach here in Lenexa, KS. Contact the office of Dr. James Craig today if you have any questions for our team, or if you’re ready to schedule a cosmetic consultation. New patients are also welcome from Olathe, and the greater Kansas City area.