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Lenexa Family Dentist

woman getting checkups Plenty of dentists claim to practice family dentistry, but the only real way to measure the family aspect of a dental practice is by how many families they see. Lenexa dentist, Dr. Craig & his team see lots and lots of families in and around Lenexa. Whether you are bringing your child to see us for the very first time or you are coming to have a missing tooth replaced, you can count on Dr. Craig to have the service you need. Everything a smile needs is right here under one roof.

Preventive Care for a Healthy Smile

Ensuring that you have a healthy mouth and strong teeth begins with regular dental cleanings and exams. These checkups should happen every six months so Dr. Craig and his team can provide professional cleaning and monitor the condition of your teeth.

Each checkup begins with a blood pressure reading. Why? Because at these biannual intervals, your dentist may be the first healthcare provider to raise the red flag about high blood pressure.

Next, we’ll take digital x-rays at one appointment each year. These pictures allow Dr. Craig to see decay, cracks or infection that is not visible to the naked eye.

Finally, a professional dental cleaning removes bits of plaque and tartar as well as surface stains from your teeth.

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Restorative Dentistry to Rebuild Your Smile

If Dr. Craig does happen to see a problem on one of your x-rays, then we have the restorative dentistry service necessary to repair, replace or even rebuild a tooth. These treatments include:

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Cosmetic Dentistry for a Happy Smile

People who have beautiful teeth usually smile more—it’s just that simple. With this in mind, Dr. Craig offers several different cosmetic dentistry procedures. Whether your smile needs a boost with teeth whitening to remove stains and discoloration or a more involved procedure, you can bet your smile will dramatically improve.

Porcelain veneers hide teeth that are chipped, broken or misshaped while all-ceramic restorations rebuild teeth without compromising the natural color of your smile.

Have a crooked smile? Talk to Dr. Craig about Invisalign. This orthodontic system uses clear plastic braces to gradually move teeth into alignment.

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Have a Good Night

If you’ve been told that you snore at night—or if you’re tired during the day despite going to bed early—then the problem may be a medical condition called sleep apnea. Dr. Craig diagnoses and treats sleep apnea with a comfortable oral appliance called a snoreguard. Worn nightly, a snoreguard makes breathing easier so you can get a night of restful sleep.

Contact our Lenexa, KS practice today if you have any questions about any of our family dentistry services, or if you’d like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Craig. We also serve the areas of Leawood and Kansas City.