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About Us

At Dr. James S. Craig and ’s Lenexa, KS dental practice, we make several promises to every patient: we value your time, we pay attention, we never rush treatment, and we practice the golden rule. We believe that these statements are more than just common sense. They’re common courtesy! You’re not just like every other person we help, and we’re not like every other dental practice in the area. We provide preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services to help patients achieve and maintain their  health.

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We Value Your Time

We are so happy you’ve trusted your oral health to our care, and we promise to devote the time you reserve to you. When you make an appointment, we honor that time. No one likes to wait, and at our practice, we think you shouldn’t have to.

We Pay Attention

If you’ve ever visited a practice that has a “helicopter” dentist who swoops in to shake your hand and agree with the hygienist, you probably weren’t impressed. At our Lenexa dental practice, we do things differently. Lenexa dentist, Dr. Craig will take individual time to consult with each patient. He gets to know your dental health goals, listens to your concerns, and helps you find the treatment that you want not that he wants to sell.

We Never Rush Treatment

We dedicate the time you schedule to your treatment, we don’t overbook, and we take the time we need to perform any necessary procedures. We won’t rush your care, and we won’t rush you to choose care. We encourage patients to take the time they need to make the right treatment options for their budge, schedule, and lifestyle. If treatment is time sensitive, we still encourage patients to ask questions and fully understand why we’re recommending treatment right away.

We Practice the Golden Rule

Do unto others as you would have done unto you. That’s the golden rule, and that’s our first priority. We never recommend or provide dental care that we wouldn’t want for ourselves or our loved ones. We provide superior service, predictable treatment options, and maximum comfort for every patient every day. There’s no if. There’s no unless. Every patient gets the dentistry services they need quickly, courteously, and compassionately.